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Stanton's Home Inspection Services

Licensed Home Inspectors in Issaquah, WA

Stanton's Home Inspection Services is a Home Inspection Company in Issaquah, WA that offers Buyer Full Home Inspection, Seller Pre-Listing Inspection, Structural Pest Inspection, Major Systems Only Inspection, and much more. Our Home Inspection Services aren’t exclusively for those who are actively buying or selling real estate. We also offer Home Inspection Services for Current Homeowners. Our goal is to do this one thing and do it well, for the benefit of our customers. We offer our services to them, as we would to a friend or family member, as they make one of the biggest investments of their lives.

About Home Inspection Services

Your Home Inspector, A Trusted Partner.

​Stanton Bowmer-Vath

Owner and Licensed Home Inspector #513

Stanton’s career in construction began in 1987. Over time, he added cabinet-making, roofing, historical restoration, high-end residential framing, and complete custom home-building to his resume. A 4-year stint in boutique hotel management also gave him the unique opportunity to refine his impeccable customer service. When he founded Stanton's Home Inspection Services in 2000, he immediately established himself as a top-tier home inspector with the personable manner, working knowledge, and attention to detail that his clients have come to trust ever since.

Meet the team

It’s easy to get carried away with the excitement of purchasing a home. Once you’ve accepted an offer on the house of your dreams, you’ll probably be eager to move in. However, prior to making a significant financial commitment, it’s advisable to know exactly what you’re buying. When you choose a home inspector, you get a thorough, in-depth and professional examination of the property’s structures and systems. It’s an investment worth making that can save you money in the long run, either by helping you steer clear of a wrong purchase or by uncovering a list of deficiencies you can use to renegotiate with the sellers.

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